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The network

The collaborative intelligence that results from the best minds working together generates valuable and disruptive innovation for quantum improvements in industrial plant management.

Talent Swarm has brought together some of the best expert technology companies and R&D institutions from Europe

Talent Swarm has created a a highly qualified and skilled group very knowledgeable in the latest digital technologies

motivated to create the Collaborative Working Environment using Big Data, BIM, Point Cloud scans, 3D Rendering, Videogame technology, AV/VR, Industrial IoT and complex mathematical modelling of industrial processes.

Inmersive Pro


We are Immersivepro, a warm, collaborative and passionate multidisciplinary team that directs experiences of virtual, augmented and mixed reality from the first approach making the strategic and conceptual construction. We develop experiences driven by emotion and apply UX frames to the worlds we create, allowing us to keep the user at the center of our products throughout the design process. We believe that digital experiences are not only about what you see and what you do, but about how you feel, and extended realities bring physics back to the digital world.

Inter Act


Inter Act has been active in the field of industrial automation and system integration since 1989. From the year 2000 onwards, Inter Act has focused on web- and cloud-based technologies for industrial applications. These efforts have resulted in the development of the SaaS “TeleControlNet”, an universal IoT suite that offers multiple functions such as:

Operating processes and production sites remotely

Benchmarking of remote processes

Generating management reports of remote production locations

Remote process engineering via the cloud



RISE is a gathering of resources for society’s problem solvers. We help the private and public sectors to refine good ideas into materials, products, processes and services. Solutions that contribute to a sustainable world and a competitive Swedish business sector. We are owned by the Swedish State and work in collaboration with and on behalf of the private and public sectors and academia. Together, we develop services, products, technologies, processes and materials that contribute to a sustainable future and a competitive Swedish business community. We employ 2,800 people, 30% of whom are PhDs. In 2018, our turnover was approximately SEK 3 billion. We manage over a hundred test beds and demonstration facilities that are open to businesses and higher education institutions.



Dynamic Simulation of Energy Systems. LTX Simulation GmbH specializes in the energy analysis of technical systems. Located in Munich, we leverage modern simulation technology for industrial engineering applications. In research and development projects, we concentrate on thermodynamic processes, e.g. in HVAC applications or power plants. LTX develops complex mathematical models and corresponding customized software. Time-dependent interaction with controllers is crucial for modern products and industrial plants. For analyzing these complex systems, we build integrated simulations of mechanical, electrical, thermal, hydraulic, pneumatic and chemical processes together with dynamic control behavior. We provide modeling and simulation services for specific system components as well as complete systems. Additionally, we develop customized software solutions, e.g. for pre- and post-processing tasks. Customers benefit from existing modeling know-how and Modelica simulation tools. Our models are mostly based on the open-source modeling language Modelica and the Modelica-based simulation tool Dymola. We provide technical support and consulting for the simulation tool Dymola. Additionally, we offer specialized consulting and comprehensive training classes.



We are a design studio specializing in branding and visual design. Since 2008 we work around the world for small, medium and large companies, start-ups, agencies and government entities. We provide a creative, technological and humanistic vision to transform communication strategies and needs into visual tools for dialogue with users.



We are a design studio specializing in branding and visual design.
Since 2008 we work around the world for small, medium and large companies, start-ups, agencies and government entities.
We provide a creative, technological and humanistic vision to transform communication strategies and needs into visual tools for dialogue with users.

Bim Object


We digitialize the building industry An innovative technology company BIMobject is an innovative technology company that makes building and interior products digitally accessible through its proprietary cloudbased platform, BIMobject Cloud. We are at the forefront of digitization and drive the building industry – an industry that is among the least digitized, on a level similar to agriculture and hunting. The dawning digitization of the construction industry paves the way for new working methods, faster and more precise design phases, lower costs, greater sustainability and future-proof property management. Digital cloud solutions Our digital cloud solutions for manufacturers of building and interior products include development, storage and publication of smart digital copies. These copies of the manufacturers’ physical products are referred to as BIM objects, or “Building Information Modeling”. BIM objects can describe the parts of buildings in detail, and can also be integrated in digital models that can be used throughout the design and construction processes. More precise and efficient construction Our cloud solutions and other web services can easily be integrated into the drawing and design software commonly used by construction companies, architects and designers. BIM objects that are used early in the digital design process tend to have a higher chance of being the final product that is purchased and used in the actual building. Digitization also leads to construction that is more precise and more efficient in terms of sustainability, since waste and design errors can be minimized.

Kisters AG


Originally founded in 1963 as an engineering firm, KISTERS is today a medium-sized company that develops software for the sustainable management of energy, water and air resources, environmental protection and safety, logistics, monitoring and 3D viewing. The business unit hardware of KISTERS AG offers large-format printers (2D and 3D), scanners and much more. The company is also still active in the area of engineering services. We offer the best possible solution for 3D visualization, 3D CAD viewers, viewing of documents, 2D technical drawings, solutions for batch conversion and technical documentation. Our expertise for your success: customized 3D CAD viewer solutions for intelligent reutilization of 3D CAD data in your process chain. More than 3,000 customers and over 150,000 installations are proof enough of our expert competence in the area of 2D and 3D CAD viewers. We have been a competent partner, offering expert advice and support in concept development based on your requirements, as well as assisting implementations, and providing training and technical support for over 20 years. KISTERS is very much in-demand as a solutions partner due to its expertise, operational experience and industry knowledge. It has over 600 employees, is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and has numerous offices in Germany and subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. KISTERS systems are used throughout the world.

Middle VR


MiddleVR (previously ” i’m in VR ” ) is a software company providing immersive virtual reality (VR) products and services. Our flagship product, MiddleVR SDK, is a VR toolbox to accelerate the creation of VR applications. MiddleVR SDK is fully integrated into the powerful 3D application creation tool Unity3D. See MiddleVR for Unity. Vision: Changing the world with VR We firmly believe that VR is changing the world through applications such as:

Prototyping: experience a car or a plane before it exists to improve its design and ergonomy.

Training: a wide range of training can be improved through VR, from surgeons’ gestures to maintenance or safety training.

Therapy: VR is an incredible tool for therapists to cure patients through exposure therapy.

Architecture: live and feel your project from inside as if it already exists. We want to help you focus on your applications to create better and more immersive experiences by providing you with powerful and easy-to-use tools.



Recotechnology is a company founded by professionals for the entertainment & media market with vast experience well established track record in the videogames & entertaiment field. From our experience on the creation of virtual environments; mainly videogames and using the latest technologies and tools, we are able to recreate virtual scenarios where users can connect remotely. The potential is infinite, allowing us to apply this software to business, teaching and simulation environments. The vision of the Company is to take part in the great revolution of the gaming business, from boxed product to digital & online distribution and the fusion with other ways of entertainment and their application to the professional areas (education, engineering, VR…)


The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), of which Talent Swarm is one of original Founding Members, is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. Augmented Reality offers tremendous potential for enterprises, promising to increase productivity, lower costs, improve safety, enable expertise to be shared more easily, and more. Whether you view it as the next computing paradigm, the key to new breakthroughs in manufacturing and service efficiencies, or the door to as-yet unimagined applications, it is clear that AR will have an unprecedented impact on enterprises of all kinds. The AREA is working to help enterprises maximize the impact of AR by providing up-to-date resources and neutral, reliable guidance that make the path to AR adoption surer, shorter, and smoother. By identifying opportunities and challenges, disseminating information, spearheading research, promoting dialogue, and providing a forum for AR providers and enterprises, the AREA is clearing a path to interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems that fully deliver on their promises. The mission of the AREA is to help companies in all parts of the ecosystem to achieve greater operational efficiency through the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of interoperable AR-assisted enterprise systems.



Talent Swarm is member of the CFIHOS (Capital Facilities Information HandOver Specification) association, part of standards-setting organization for process industries. The CFIHOS project started in 2012 and has just completed development phase 3. The CFIHOS maintenance phase 1 has now started in which the CFIHOS standard is maintained and enriched from actual implementation projects from the project partners. The CFIHOS project has built on the engineering information specification as developed by the Owner Operator Shell who use this specification already for about 8 year to specify the information they wish to see handed over by the contractor to populate their O&M systems. Their request to USPI was to widen the spec into an industry specification standard. To ensure practicality of the project approach, a de-facto CFIHOS industry standard has been created and reviewed in practice. This standard is now in process of being implemented in industry. Once the CFIHOS standard has been enriched with missing elements as found by the project partners, it will be proposed as ISO 15926-10X standard under TC 184/SC 4/WG 3. Setting an industry standard for this specification has several advantages for each of the major stakeholders:

Owner Operators - an industry recognized standard would reduce the effort required to specify and communicate the information requirements to the supply chain leading to lower costs. It will also become more advantageous to move from company standards with high cost of maintenance to international ISO standards. Also the cost of mapping the handover information to the current systems of operation, engineering and maintenance will be reduced.

Contractors - a consistent approach to information handover requirements from Owner Operators would allow Contractors to integrate the information requirements into their corporate business processes and systems resulting in more efficient delivery and improved quality of the information. Currently Contractors are issued different requirements for each project or are expected to propose what should be delivered and how.

Equipment Suppliers - similarly to Contractors, a standard definition of information requirements would provide suppliers with a consistent view of requirements enabling the information to be generated once and reused.

Software Vendors - a clear definition of the core information requirements would provide clarity in the functionality needed by the industry in the tools that the develop.



Talent Swarm is member of the committee ISO/CD TR 23576 for Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The Spanish Association for Standardisation (Asociación Española de Normalización) UNE is the only Standardisation Body in Spain, and it has been appointed so by the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness before the European Commission. In this sense, UNE is the Spanish representative in the international and European organisations ISO/IEC and CEN/CENELEC, respectively, as well as in the national standardisation organisation ETSI. The aim of UNE is to contribute to the development of activity sectors through technical standards, focusing its efforts on all parties concerned. UNE members represent practically the entirety of Spanish economic sectors and are the real driving force and support of the standardisation system and the performance of the entity's activities. Therefore, UNE is a successful model of collaboration between the private sector and Public Administrations and Bodies.

Do you want to be one of our collaborators?

Benefits of being a Talent Swarm Partner and Collaborator

Industry 4.0 and BIM are inherently about shared standards and collaboration.  It is unlikely and not advisable that only one company supply all the elements of the new technology that will make the 4th Industrial Revolution possible.  This is why Talent Swarm’s business model is based upon bringing together the “best of breed” in the various areas that are needed to create a truly world-class solution.  Customers need guidance to avoid the pitfalls of improper application of advanced technology, and the collective knowledge and experience of the Talent Swarm partners help reap the best rewards for their proactive approach to digitalization.
Collaboration takes more courage than competition, but the rewards are much greater…!
Please contact us to see how your expertise can make better Digital Twins for our shared clients.

Questions and answers

I hear a lot of talk about “Digital Twins”, what are they and what are its benefits?

Most of us are still alive today thanks to the flight simulators used by pilots to practice and improve their skills in routine and extreme conditions. Yet we live close to complex and potentially dangerous industrial and energy plants designed and built decades ago.  A Digital Twin is a virtual copy of an industrial plant that allows its owner/operators, just like a cockpit simulator, to monitor it in an intuitive visual manner in real time.  This leads to greater efficiency and safety in operation, integration with maintenance software to avoid unscheduled shutdowns and the collaborative immersive environment provided by Talent Swarm allows companies to pool the knowledge and experience of their global employees to solve complex issues faster and save best practices for training.

What is the bottom line, what are the quantifiable benefits?

Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TOC)
5 / 30%
Increased availability
2 / 6%
Reduction in reactive maintenance
10 / 40%
Incident reduction
3 / 40%
Gain in employment productivity
5 / 25%

How is a Digital Twin created?

If the industrial or energy plant is under construction or brand new, the 3D CAD drawings may be converted to create an initial Digital Twin.  In plants that have been operating for a while, and may have been extensively modified from the original “As Built” plans, laser scans of the plant are performed that create “point clouds” of millions of precise 3D measurements, which are later converted to exact 3D CAD models.

How do I know what equipment I have in my plant?

As with all equipment inventories, one must document in detail everything in the plant.
Talent Swarm provides a precise grid plan that simplifies this procedure so that one done, it is saved forever.  This step geolocates all the equipment so that Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) integrated with Talent Swarm may direct workers precisely to the necessary repair areas.

Al igual que todos los inventarios de equipos, uno deberá documentar en detalle todo lo que contiene la planta.

Talent Swarm proporciona una cuádricula precisa que simplifica este proceso para que una vez hecho, se guarda para siempre.  Este paso geolocaliza todos los equipos para que los Sistemas de Gestión de Mantenimiento (CMMS en inglés) integrados con Talent Swarm puedan dirigir con precisión a los trabajadores a las zonas de reparaciones necesarias.

How long does 3D Scanning take?

Scanning a complex industrial facility takes about 1 8-hour day per 1000 square meters on site, with at office processing and modelling of the resulting point cloud between 3 and 7 days per day of scanning, depending on the complexity and density of equipment in the environment.

How much can it cost to create an initial Digital Twin?

The first step of scanning and modelling an industrial facility can cost between 4 and 15 euros per square meter, plus travel and lodging costs for a team of 3 people during the scanning process.

After scanning, what are the next steps?

After scanning and 3D CAD modelling of the plant, the next steps may include:

1.  Inventory and geolocation of all the equipment in the plant using grid maps.

2.  Installation of fast WiFi Mesh coverage in the plant to perform Telepresence and remote assistance operations.

3.  Documentation of maintenance, supplier and costs for the inventoried equipment, including serial numbers.

4.  Connection and integration with computerized maintenance systems and SCADA signals.

5.  Connection and integration with ERP, purchasing and logistics departments.

6.  Documentation of Process & Instrumentation (P&ID) diagrams to collect process, flow and control information.

7.  Integration with industrial automation programming, historical operation archives and mathematical simulation programs to anticipate complex operation of the plant.

Why choose Talent Swarm for my Digital Twin journey instead of another company?

Talent Swarm firmly believes that all data should completely belong to the customer, forever and that the data should be saved in international, non-propietary standards.  This is not the case with all suppliers of Digital Twin creation.

Please contact us to see how your expertise can make better Digital Twins for our shared clients.

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