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Physical Simulation

A Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) for asset-intensive companies in the world

Immersive Enviroment

Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) that looks like a videogame but to do real work: monitor complex industrial assets for greater efficiency, integrate with maintenance programs to prevent unscheduled shutdowns and connect workers for real-time remote assistance.

Global Management

Manage with ease and insight valuable and complex industrial assets with a rich and detailed view that integrates CMMS maintenance systems, SCADA instrumentation data and IoT information, leveraging the knowledge of highly qualified teams of people globally, even from remote locations.

Talent Swarm has brought together some of the best expert technology companies and R&D institutions from Europe:


We are users of THE tool that is allowing us to minimize the time of data collection and maximize the details for the optimization of our developments; with this we are only taking a first step towards a future where the use of digital technology is not only corporate whim, but rather a basic requirement to maintain our competitiveness and continue the efficiency of our processes. Nowadays, the details make the difference, therefore such precise accuracy is mandatory. Detailed Data!

Albert DonadoRavago

"We have worked in collaboration with Talent Swarm in the implementation of digital twins for our water plants management. From the very beginning, Talent Swarm has always been available to solve any query and provide a quick and efficient feedback to our requests. The project has been executed successfully at the required time. We have achieved outstanding results in terms of efficiency, performance and safety of our infrastructures”

Victor de ÁvilaSacyr

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