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40 years powering the best engineers in the world.


DYNATEC is a major engineering services company founded in 1974 with more than 200 employees, 30 international clients, it has become one of the most prestigious leading providers of services and solutions in the areas of energy and industrial engineering.

DYNATEC’s services adapt to the needs of the client and its projects, techniques, location, planning, from initial stages and basic engineering to detailed design, project management, launch and maintenance
Manages and operate valuable and complex industrial assets with highly qualified teams of people around the globe, often in remote locations.

An expert management team

Jim Novack


Electrical Engineer
UCLA, 35 years of experience. An internationally recognized expert in VR, AR and Collaborative Work Environments with proven experience will be in charge of strategic vision, general coordination and commercial issues

Oscar Pintor


20 years of experience, is in charge of operational management, the Risk Assessment and the Scalability study.

Rosa Villagrasa


24 years of experience in Finance and Marketing, is in charge of the financial plan.

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CAD Model

4D Level


5D Level

Suppliers & Costs

6D Level

Facilities Management & IoT Personnel

7D Level

Physical Simulation

A Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) for asset-intensive companies in the world

Immersive Enviroment

Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) that looks like a videogame but to do real work: monitor complex industrial assets for greater efficiency, integrate with maintenance programs to prevent unscheduled shutdowns and connect workers for real-time remote assistance.

Global Management

Manage with ease and insight valuable and complex industrial assets with a rich and detailed view that integrates CMMS maintenance systems, SCADA instrumentation data and IoT information, leveraging the knowledge of highly qualified teams of people globally, even from remote locations.

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