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Talent Swarm’s main focus is the comprehensive integration of all project data from initial design, through procurement, construction and assembly to facilities management, maintenance and operation during the decades of operational life, for the aviation, construction, engineering, and industrial sectors.

Talent Swarm proposes taking social media to the next level, a sort of “Second Life for Engineers”, creating a collaborative 3D immersive world that mixes a videogame-like environment with scanned point clouds, IoT real-time data, photos and video of actual locations to create a “Mixed Reality” in real time where people actually work, whether they are local or anywhere in the world.

We are proposing an industry-standardized yet secure (using Block Chain “around” each sensitive part to protect each company´s intellectual property) catalog of parts in Big Data based on existing international IFC standards so that with the new technologies we may be able to very soon track the source, cost, life and “health” of each part in an airplane, refinery and construction project from initial design, through assembly, during operation all the way to dismantling and recycling.

At the same time, this live catalog of parts would allow for very intuitive and advanced interactive maintenance procedures using augmented reality (as the geometric shapes and paperless maintenance records “pull” from the same data, along with proper security to limit access only to authorized personnel.

The objective is to quickly and efficiently have sentient machines that not only predict their needed maintenance, but that securely can compare their present state with their “brethren” engines and equipment for example, to intelligently and in real time report any anomalies, similar in functionality and compatible with GE´s Predix® platform, collecting millions of sensor data points from scads of IoT devices.

And finally, by connecting this data with video game industry standard visioning platforms like Unity, this complex information can be readily seen, understood and acted upon.

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