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Just as the TCP/IP communications standard brought about the Internet, the creation of smart objects based on existing standards and with embedded physics allows us to join them to create complex systems with the ease of playing with LEGO.

Combining or “mashing” this basic concept with:
– Big Data data bases hosted in the Cloud
– Secured with Block Chain
– Rendered using the same methods as advanced videogames
– Communicating in real time including the data streams of IoT devices and biometric avatars of the workers we create a rich and immersive Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) for complex projects.

It represents a whole new and we believe better way to design, build, operate and maintain refineries, buildings, airplanes and trains, as all the information of the project is maintained in a Digital Twin of the real asset, and all its history is accumulated in a Digital Thread.

This allows for huge improvements in efficiency, better designs and operation, and huge cost reductions from predictive maintenance.

It provides access to global human resources and the best talent, including retired personnel and handicapped individuals that may work from home and from every point of the planet and space.

And just like people gathering around the water cooler to discuss a shared problem, the collaborative intelligence on a global scale that results from people working together in the Talent Swarm platform represents a disruptive, scalable and quantum improvement in how engineering can now be done.

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