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Global Warming threatens billions of people with scarcity of water for drinking and irrigation. Sacyr Agua is a leader in reverse osmosis, a non-chemical process that filters water to the desired purity for human and agricultural use. However, these complex industrial plants are delicate and require constant monitoring to safeguard the condition of the filers and insure the quality of the water produced. Talent Swarm ( scans the existing plants with 3D lasers and combines them with CAD drawings to create virtual immersive collaborative enviroments called Digital Twins. A Digital Twin is a 3D simulator of the industrial plant, just like a flight simulator of an airplane, that allows remote and local technicians to work together in real time to manage with greater efficiency. When connected to the signals from all the equpment, called SCADA and IoT sensors on critical parts, unexpected shutdowns are virtually eliminated due to predictive maintenance that monitors the health of the process. And the collective intelligence of all experts in the company are pooled together in a network that almost like a videogame allows for the best solutions to be shared and archived for best practices, including those from retired personnel working from their homes. When combined with solar cell energy, Sacyr Agua’s Desalination Plants may someday turn desert areas into fertile growing farms to help solve the growing water and food requirements of our planet.

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